About Us

Brand Philosophy

Tessere bags and leather accessories are defined by bold, vibrant colours and good design. Every Tessere product is a work of art -- a worthy conversation piece.

Meaning “weave” in Italian, Tessere reflects our belief that everything in our global community is interwoven. We express this cosmopolitan quality by knitting together ideas and inspirations from all over the globe. We embrace creativity that draws on diverse cultures, people and ideas.

Tessere is chic, creative, spirited and adventurous. Like a never ending kaleidoscope of hues and shades, Tessere excites, inspires and refreshes.

The Tessere Woman

We believe that in every woman lies a latent artistic, creative streak, hovering beneath the coverings of practical living. With Tessere, she is, at last able to open the doors to this wistful yet urgent creative spirit, setting it free.... to roam, to explore, to morph even. She feels a connection to the art - colours, forms, shapes, textures, handicraft, appliqués, collage, engravings.... in a way never experienced before.

Looking and feeling vibrant, energetic, adventurous and carefree, yet beautiful and elegant and a passion that embraces exciting diversity, ... she gets to break away from the everyday.

Tan Ee Leng - the woman behind Tessere

Tessere is the brainchild of Ee Leng, co-founder of Craftmark (S) Pte Ltd, a distributor of European brands in Singapore and the Asean region since 1981.

Wanting to bring out the innate creative spark in every woman, she decided to initiate a collection of unique bags and accessories that inspires this spirit of creative freedom.

Her team of designers work to create bags that every woman would want in her wardrobe, incorporating among other unique design features, the weave technique which gives rise to a myriad of intricate patterns and moods.